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tv   First Business  KICU  May 27, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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[first business them you're watching first business - financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning everybody. i'm angela miles, and thank you for joining us for today's edition of first business. coming right up: summer sizzle: a trader clues us in on what stocks are heating up. plus, big signs the housing market has turned the corner from the crisis. battle with unemployment: the little-known problem that female veterans face after returning home. and, into the wild, in style: why you don't have to be the outdoorsy type to go camping anymore. but first, we begin with trader talk, and that's with andrew
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keene, president, who is standing by this morning. good morning to you, andrew. - good morning, angie. - we are watching the summer trade today. what do you anticipate will be some of the big market movers here? - i think the stock market is going to continue to move higher. as we can see, we will get pullbacks at some points, but i think the pullbacks will get bought. one sector i am looking at in particular, the airline stocks: lcc, luv, they all look strong to the upside, and also ual. i think they are going to continue to move higher. - airline stocks tend to move with the economy, and when the economy is down, they fall; when it's better, they rise. is that one of your reasonings here? - yeah, it's like the more the stock market goes higher, everybody is always vested in the stock market. 401k, ira - if you have more money in the bank, you are going to want to travel more. leisure and travel means that airline stocks go higher. - what about tech stocks? - i like certain parts of technology. i like ebay, google, yahoo, sandisk, qualcomm. the one i am on the sidelines or want to play to the short side is apple. apple is not innovating as much - we
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talked about this on the show - as much as google. they are in a "show me" phase. if they can show me something at the end of the summer, if they can come up with apple tv by the end of the year, employ some of the cash, they might be able to rally. but you know, on a chart, it looks very weak. - and what about ebay? you mentioned ebay. new products helping there as well, or just a solid company base? - i like ebay a lot more until they are having some competition in the paypal space. they are seeing some competition in mobile processing from other companies, so i don't like it as much as i have in the past. yahoo, google, i like a lot stronger. - what stocks would you avoid this summer? what stocks are likely to have a meltdown as we go into fall? - gld, i try to short that on any rally. also, anything global-based. i look at cleveland cliffs, x, valee, pbr - i think these stocks are all headed lower. i do not think china is coming around the table just yet. we have weakness in europe as well. also if you look at any of the currencies: the fxa, fxe, fxy, fxb. all the currencies against the united states are very, very weak. i think those are going to
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continue to be weak throughout the rest of the year. - and as far as those other stocks, are those stocks where traders have just made a lot of money - they want to take their profits and go? - yeah, i mean, when you see a stock that has gotten beaten down so much, if it has any pop at all, it is kind of like, "i'm sorry, you're right, let me take off my position and move on to something better." there are always better trades. there are 8,700 stocks out there. - andrew, always a pleasure. thanks for helping us out today. - thank you. the unemployment rate for veterans is consistently higher than for the general population. at last check, it was 9.9%. but it's even higher among women who are veterans. we explore an effort by one group trying to change that and create paths for women veterans on the job. after 18 years in the army and navy, pamela jones knew all about organization, management and leadership. but convincing a lender to loan the $20,000 it took for a truck and equipment took help from the women's business development center, a chicago group helping women launch businesses for more than a quarter century. "i went door-to-door, and i got
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one store at a time to take on the product." now, 4.5 years later, pamela jones' line of barbecue and other sauces is in more than 100 stores, with plans to double that within a year. "that's a little spicier..." "the military gives you a lot of confidence and support. and you get structure. so part of that was, i used those same skill sets to transition into the civilian world. " but pamela jones is the exception. last year, a clinton foundation survey found once women leave military service, more than 35% of them remain unemployed. "frequently, women coming out of the military are disenfranchised. unlike men, they don't self-identify themselves, and often don't go in for their benefits, or some of the other things which they are owed." there are job fairs aimed at the more than 80% of veterans who are men. but few aimed to help women vets. the women's business development center is trying to change that, helping andrea brown transition from the army to owning one of the
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busiest midas automotive shops in chicago. "the army has given me so many skills. why not take those skills and utilize them for my own business, rather than clocking in for someone else?" it's a program that began earlier this year. so far, it's reached out to 150 women veterans, and includes classes in developing a business model, tweaking it to accomodate changes in the marketplace, micro-lending, mentoring, and child care. new statistics show college graduates are "mapping out" their careers. houston, austin and san francisco are cities that are rapidly growing with a substantial influx of young people between the ages of 20 and 30. according to usa today, in the texas towns, it's mostly due to oil companies hiring young engineers and chemists at great pay. san fran's silcon valley is attracting grads with a background in computer science. new york and d.c. are also seeing double-digit growth
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of college grads because of the availability of jobs. american-made products are becoming hot commodities south of the border. as mexico's middle class thrives, american- made products are in high demand. for instance, abc news reports ford vehicles are becoming extremely popular. mexican motorists say they like the cars for the quality. carl's jr. beef burgers imported from the u.s. are also a favorite. the california-based fast food chain has opened 20 new restaurants in mexico this year. other top sellers: tide, reynold's wrap, and the orginal big wheel. exports from america to mexico and all of latin america are up an estimated 121% in the past decade. among signs the housing market recovery is gaining traction, hedge funds are eager to buy homes in areas hit hard by the recession. also, builders are producing homes that are larger than ever. jackie keenan reports from florida. [playing pian the parikhs are playing a happy tune these days. two months ago
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this family of four and two dogs were cramped in a 3- bedroom townhome. now they have 4,700 square feet to play in. the parikhs jumped at the chance to purchase this 7-bedroom new- construction home and utilize all that extra space. "but we will have the two guest bedrooms, we have the playroom, the girls each have their own bedroom, and then the master bedroom, and one is being used as an office. so, we'll pretty much have them all covered." and large homes are making a comeback. according to census data, the u.s. home ballooned in size during the last decade, but shrank after the housing bubble burst. now it's growing again. large homes like the ones behind me are popping up everywhere, indicating that the era of downsizing may be over. "big is back, big is back, and the reason big is back is because of great home affordability." historially-low interest rates promise 30 years of affordable mortgage payments, so buyers can get more for their money.
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"we're having the big event tonight..." sally mcfolling, of homes by west bay, expects sales to nearly double this year. she says buyers are looking for more space to fit their lifestyles. "they can be a craft room, they can be a theater room, they can be an office. people thought during the downturn that everybody would be pulling in and making things smaller, but that's just not been the case." and going big these days also means going green. many of these large, new homes are energy-efficient, which means bills are kept low for the homeowner. that's the case for the parikh family, whose electric bill was $100 last month. "that was pretty important, considering we're going to have to run our air conditioning quite a bit in the heat of the summer here." for first business news, i'm jackie keenan. super-sized homes appear to be here to stay. according to a survey by real estate company trulia, buyers list not buying a home with more space as their biggest regret! future home sales expectations are at a 5-year high. that's
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according to a report from the national association of homebuilders and wells fargo housing market index. the index takes a look at current sales and prospective buyer traffic. "housing seems to the bright spot in the economy right now, and even the fed will admit to that. if we're going to see things remain at current growth levels for the real estate market, that would certainly bode well for the economy in general. but i think the fed is holding pat right now, because it needs to see continued improvement, and more substantial improvement, in the jobs market." though the commerce department showed housing starts down in april, housing permits for future construction were up more than 14%. that means demand may have finally reached a point at which its convinced builders that buyers are back. thousands of innovative new tools are coming onto the market to spruce up your home. bill moller gives a glimpse at the the 68th annual hardware show. more than 27,000 industry professionals came to the
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national hardware show this year. sure, there's the latest in mundane things like painter's tape and the new- fangled hose with the quick change super nozzle. but what's this? a folding dumpster. we asked tom kritler, home improvement specialist and host of the radio show the money pit, to be our guide and explain. "it kind of looks like a tarp in a bag. but then, you take it home, you unfold it, and you can put up to 3300 pounds of material in it. you make a call to waste management, and it's gone in a snap with one call." then there is the latest in wall plates. white and almond are so passe. these can fit the mood or the person who happens to occupy the bedroom. "so imagine that you have a baby's room, then it becomes the big kid's room, then it becomes the home office. you can keep changing the colors of the lights and the outlets and the switches through that whole process." soon you will be able to buy industrial-strength carbon air filters for your home. and this is the first do-it-yourself centralized water filter system. "so no longer do you need to have those little filters at the faucet. now you have filters
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that filter all of the water that comes into your home from one central point with a filter that's a do-it-yourself install that lasts 12 months." most of the new products at the show will be on store shelves by the end of the year. still to come on this show, if you have fond memories of family camping trips, wait 'til you see the lavish campers of today. but first, your summer vacation could come with a higher price tag this year. more on that after the break.
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another sign of economic recovery - hotel prices are nudging higher. some say it reflects more demand as americans gain confidence in their work situation and their ability to take that vacaction they've put off since the recession. americans are expected to travel more this summer than any time in the last four years. "during the recession, we definitely watched our dollar and really didn't travel too much." but now, business is... a little bit better. "nothing like it would have been 7, 8 years ago, but i'm
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definitely in a position now where i'm maybe... 5% better than i was a year ago. so maybe i would spend that 5% on a trip." the hotel industry reflects that. pkf hospitality research predicts room rates will increase 5% this year to $111.40 a night. for the hotels, those higher rates will add up to a 6.1% increase in revenue from each room - rates that are expected to climb even higher next year. in short - better times if you're in hospitality. "we have seen that hotel prices have gone up a fair amount, and i think it catches people off- guard, because the consumer has been used to waiting to that last minute and seeing if they can't get that special deal where everybody starts discounting their prices, and it just isn't happening anymore." - where would you go? "i would probably go out to montana. i've never been there. heard they have beautiful state parks." "probably florida. you know... nice and warm." "i think overall, people are feeling better. they're still a
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little nervous, still saving more than they did before the recession, that's for sure." overseas travel, round-trip airfares to europe are in the $1500 range. travel website orbitz says u.s. flights to london are 6% higher this summer. flights to barcelona, 12% higher. but flights to athens and oslo are 4% cheaper. and people are booking well in advance - in some cases, booking those flights for the holidays at year's end. "consumers were not doing that two years ago. they were not that confident." as for lodging, despite 8,000 additonal hotel rooms built for the summer olympics, london hotel rooms average $264 a night. but that's still cheaper than the average for hotel rooms in paris. still ahead, a way to control hotel costs by taking your own souped-up tent or trailer on the road. first buiness will be back right after this.
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consider our next report keeping up with the jones for the camping crowd. it's called "glamp-ing," which is short for "glamorous camping." ky sisson takes us on the trial to find happy campers in santa barbara, california. high-end hotels are a dime a dozen along the beach city of santa barbara, but luxurious accomodations are now coming in other ways than your typical hotel. "glamping," a combination of glamor and camping, brings comfort to the great outdoors. [door open
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the el capitan canyon resort is one of the 5,000 glamp sites around the country, boasting spacious yurts, and cabins with full-sized bathrooms, these starting at an average $200 per night, typical for any high-end hotel. "something that we pride ourselves in offering here at el capitan canyon is not only the luxury accomodation experience, but the nature experience that you don't necessarily receive at a typical beachfront cookie-cutter hotel property." glamping has found a niche audience, mostly families who want their kids to experience a more rural setting, and for their parents who want to enjoy luxurious amentites, like a spa, or an evening wine tasting. "we're glamping this weekend because we can really be in the heart of nature, and if we were to go to one of those fancy hotels right on the shoreline, we wouldn't have as much freedom to be on the trails." with people flocking to resorts that mesh camping with luxury, was started in
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2011 and has exploded, representing just 10 glamp sites when they launched to now over 500 across the globe. "people are going to these sites because they want to be in the outdoors, but they want to be comfortable. at the end of the day, the trend comes from people being tired of their normal vacation. people are tired of going to hotels, they're tired of going to big cities, they're tired of going to disneyland. they want something different." there are around 30,000 glampsites worldwide, and sees the industry growing more in north america than anywhere else. there is currently no franchising of glampsites - all are privately owned. martinez says it's most likely due to the low start-up costs that is speeding up the glamping industry around the world "it doesn't take much to start up a glampsite, as long as you have that unique factor to it, you can really give it a go. so not only is the trend for people wanting to go to glampsites, but also for people to create the glampsites." for first business news, i'm ky sisson. glamping is happening
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worldwide. it's also becoming a popular honeymoon trend. straght ahead on the show, green light: why capital is flowing to the mobile market. that's next.
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need a taxi? there's an app for that. in fact, there are roughly a dozen of them - in london alone. it's called "e- hailing," and it's spreading to cities where gps, smartphones and stranded passengers are providing the next opportunity for mobile money making. hailing a cab is probably the most obvious business application of gps technology with smartphones. there are several of them, but hailo, an app launched a year-and-a-half ago, is now in six cities with plans to more than double that by the end of this year. "it's growing like a weed. we're now at 37% of the cabdrivers in chicago. we're doing thousands of jobs a day. we've got tens of thousands of customers here,
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and we only launched november 1st of last year." it works this way: customers download the app; then, when you need a cab, hailo finds your location and directly alerts cabs nearby, bypassing a dispatcher. bills and tips are paid through a pre-arranged credit card. drivers are paid by direct deposit. in short, everything moves faster. "the waiting time that i used to spend outside, i don't have to do that anymore." "every time someone hails a cab, hailo charges them a booking fee for hailing. in an off-peak time, as an example, it's $1.50. we take $1 of that, and we give 50 cents to the driver, so the driver gets their fare, their tip, and a service fee from us." a year-and-a-half ago, it was the 12th company in london to enter the business of e- hailing, as it's called. now, it dominates the market, attracting more than $30 million in venture capital from investors including union square investors, early backers of twitter, foursquare and tumblr; entrepreneur richard branson; and tom barr, a former executive at starbucks. "my bet is, it's for brand
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awareness, marketing, advertising, to get the hailo app out there, so people realize that it exist, so they can use it." for now, hailo is privately held and seeking millions more in venture capital. with just 200 employees worldwide, and a former top executive of shazam econometrics behind it, a lot of people think hailo's meter is off and running. hailo is now the world's largest e-hailing network, and may be particularly useful to travelers. once the app is downloaded, it may be used to hail cabs anywhere hailo operates. thank you for all your reporting today, chuck, and thank you for watching. that's all we have for today, but you can find us on facebook and follow me throughout the day @angiemiles on twitter. from all of at first business, have a great day! [first business them
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